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Hebrew Studies Center

Hebrew Studies Center is a non-profit organization for the studies of the Hebrew language.

We establish constant and regular ties with Tel Aviv University, in order to extend Hebrew language classes to "Olim Hadashim" (new immigrants), residents of the country, and foreign students in need of Hebrew language skills at all levels.

All the instructors at the Center hold graduate degrees in Hebrew language and are highly experienced in teaching Hebrew as a second language within Israel as well as abroad. Most were part of the former Unit of Hebrew Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Our instructors proficiency and educational background allow us to offer students an educational framework parallel to academic studies in a second or foreign language.

The Center operates on the Tel Aviv University campus located in Ramat Aviv in proximity to The Ramat Aviv Mall, the Tel Aviv beach and several additional recreational facilities.

Several bus lines and the University train station make the Center easily accessible from all parts of the country.

For further information on course dates and applications, please visit:

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